About Eluxis

Knowledge creates competence

For more than 20 years, Eluxis has helped organizations excel through the clever, innovative deployment of the proper knowledge for your employees, partners and customers.

Eluxis is a leading company in the area of knowledge management. We work for businesses in which people and their knowledge determine success. Together with our clients, we ensure that the right information is available, that it is used effectively and that it is safeguarded. To do this, we set up a living knowledge organization together with our clients; we take care of documenting and transferring essential information and we deploy the proper knowledge systems. In this manner, knowledge becomes the basis for business results. We call this Return on Knowledge.

We have specific experience in the areas of:

  • Knowledge management

  • Documentation and training

  • Development of multiple-language documentation and documentation variants from a single database (component content management)

  • Implementation of knowledge and information systems

  • Support in the use of devices, machines and software
  • Support of production and maintenance
  • Support of international sales via third parties (distributors, agents)
  • Development of services and service concepts


We work for leading businesses and organizations. Many of our clients are the market leader in their business sector, often in international markets. Our clients include, e.g.:

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